The Voyage

The Voyage by New Ocean is a mobile application that enables people to take charge of their health and well-being, by providing a fun and effective application to achieve health goals while earning rewards. The health-tech company New Ocean came to us with an existing application but wanted us to solidify the user experience to be more in line with their target user base. 

New icons and badges were created to support The Voyage’s specific content and terminology in the new UI.


New Ocean wanted a platform where users could manage their own company accounts and easily invite users and add challenges for their Voyage users. At the time, New Ocean was performing all these actions for their clients.


Design version 1


Design version 2 after client and user feedback


Dashboard with Extrinsic Rewards, Package Options, and Adding a Challenge


Extrinsic Rewards, Manage Users, and the Support Page

More Work

Static PanicIllustration, Branding

The VoyageMobile & Web App

TürApp Design

Give Us a HandInteractive Kiosk, Campaign

Digi ThermoApp Design


Simple LoopsAnimation

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